Dog Behaviour

I can help you with the following problems:

  • Dog pulls you on the lead
  • Aggression towards other dogs/people.
  • Nervous/Fearful of other dogs, people, situations, cars, trams etc.
  • Separation Anxiety, chewing furniture, eating socks etc.
  • Dominance/Over Excitement, jumps up at people, goes frantic when you come home...
    or when visitors arrive.
  • Obsessions/Fixations of objects, toys, shadows etc.
  • High Prey Drive, helping to stop dogs running off hunting, typically when people walk their dogs in a forest.
  • Fear of dogs, helping people to overcome their fear of dogs, ie people who have been bitten or attacked by dogs in the past, postmen, joggers, cyclists etc, or people with just a general fear of dogs.
  • Educating children, on how to behave around a dog, especaily dogs they don't know, this can prevent many unnecessary dog bites.
  • and a lot more...