Dog Behaviour

My Approach

My approach to dog behaviour is where possible to control the environment rather than the dog, it is also loosely based on wolf behaviour, in the dog world there seems to be two camps of people, one who believes there is no wolf in dogs whatsever and the other camp who believe dogs are wolves, to me neither is true and something in the middle of these two beliefs is nearer the truth, more so in certain dog breeds than others.

For me, wolf behaviour may or may not be present in a dog and/or may or may not have been altered.

While I believe dogs are not wolves, its often the wolf in the dog (if any present) that we don't understand or like, dogs have the same gestation period as a wolf and both carry their unborn for 63 days, dogs DNA is 99.8% of a wolf, some breeds of dog only howl and don't bark the same as a wolf, if a wolf and dog mate it can produce offspring, wolfdogs being an example which is normally the result of the mating of a wolf and a German Shepherd, these facts say to me that there can be wolf in the dog.

My methods have no harsh discipline involved, the wolf behaviour is based on what scientists know now and not what they thought wolf behaviour was circa 25 years ago which even today a lot of dog training is based on.

The idea being to lead with superior knowledge, light on discipline, and to communicate to our dogs that we are in control of the environment in a calm assertive manner.

It would be accurate to say that a lot of times I am training the human and/or getting the human environment to change so the dog has a more balanced environment which to live in and at the same time helping the human/dog relationship which in turn then people often have a better understanding of their dog and a closer relationship/bond as a result.